It is nestled in the heart of Texas that we raise with love and passion our Standard Dachshund, Dwarf or Kaninchen long hair.

The long-haired dachshund is the sweetest and hugest of all Dachshunds, its unusual personality and playfulness make it a perfect little pet dog, which fits both the city and the countryside.

Kind to his fellow dogs and cats, he devotes an adoration to his family.

The sweetness of his character and his long silky hair, he owes them to a cross with small spaniel “Spaniel and German Oysel dog” in the seventeenth century.

We produce little standard Dachshund puppy, Dwarf or Kanichen long hair, they are exclusively LOF and from very beautiful lines selected for their character, their beauty, and their health. Our dogs are daily with us and our babies are born at home.

Blue harlequin colors, harlequin chocolate, chocolate and fire, tawny, black and fire, our puppies are sold from 9 weeks, chipped, vaccinated and LOF.

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