My passion for dachshunds was born in 1995, when I rubbed a female “dwarf with hard black fur and fire” named “Lolita said Lolo”, it was a revelation, a real love at first sight for this little dog with legs short and long back, who seeks so much complicity with his master. 
It is primarily the character of the dachshund that seduced me. Convincing my husband was not easy, he was rather trendy “big dogs”, it took me 2 years to get there. We bought our first dog and then our 2nd and then the 3rd and I had to put a stop because he too had caught the Dachshund virus, he would have taken one of each color!

        We started doing beauty shows and we were lucky enough to make great results with Paladines’ 3 Mages Chocolate Mousse, which we bought from M and Mrs. Jacops and with Océllia’s Happy Dachshunds from Mrs. Mazé’s. I can not thank enough these people for entrusting us with such exceptional bitches, for their qualities on the rings of Europe but especially for their extraordinary character. They had a unique, irreplaceable personality. They live now in our heart forever.

And then naturally the desire to raise was felt, it was the beginning of a great and wonderful adventure.

        The basis of our breeding is, therefore, Mousse and Opaline of the Three Magi of Paladines, U-Aïcha of Val d’Alene, Océllia of the Happy Dachshunds and Thaly van de Wijsterhoeve. We do not reproduce with them, they are pensioned, or part too early for the country of the rainbow. But we still have their descendants at home.

        All our girls live with us, our children and our cat. They have free access to all rooms. They go as well in the living room as in the kitchen, or in the garden. Long live the caravans !!! They love to go on a walk. Every time they see us take leashes its madness, they wait in front of the door with impatience. What they prefer is walks in the woods.

         The permanent contacts that we maintain with our bitches allow us to establish a complicity with each, and even if they form a pack, they keep an individual place in our lives. For my part, the bonds of trust that I established with them, translate into the fact that they have their little ones in my presence. I have never missed a birth, they wait patiently that I come home before having their babies!

        We raise very little (2 litters per year), we rely more on the quality of our puppies than on the quantity. Our puppies are born in the living room and grow up there, so they are used to the current noises of the house, on the television, the vacuum cleaner, … moreover, we regularly have friends who come to see them and play with them, we do everything possible to make them sociable and thus facilitate their departure for their new family. We try as much as possible to keep in touch with the new owners of our puppies who have become adults.

        The adoption of a dog regardless of the breed must be a well thought out decision, as it is a commitment over fifteen years. It is neither a toy nor a gift idea, but a living being that requires daily care and a suitable environment.